As your Insuranace Brokers, our priorities are to ensure that our clients have the most appropriate and affordable coverage available. Our structure allows us to be flexible as we are not bound to any one insurance provider. We have a family of companies with a variety of products and services which creates more opportunites for us to assist you. You can count on us for:


  • Expertise
    Continuing education and staying current with the products and services offered by our family of insurance companies is a part of our best practices. Our combined years of experience also lend creditability to our trustworthiness.


  • Excellent Customer Service
    Selecting and managing an insurance policy is a very personal matter. Your needs, desires, and privacy are of utmost priority. We don't just help you get started. We work with you to ensure that you and your loved ones have the most appropriate coverage as your needs change. We stick by your side.


  • Customized Solutions
    We believe in creating customized solutions. We do not use cookie-cutter approaches when it comes to structuring plans.


  • Aid in Reporting claims
    Our service doesn't end with the closing of an insurance contract. We stand by you in the event you have to report a claim.


  • Long-Term Partnerships
    We also pride ourselves on maintaining positive long-term relationships with our clientele.


***We will be happy to analyze your family, group, and/or foundation's needs and help design the best insurance strategy in a non-binding consultation.

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